Have you heard about the Borlaug Scholarship Program?

The program offers agricultural research, leadership and agricultural policy training to university faculty, researchers and government officials in Turkey .

The program aims to provide agricultural economists, faculty members and scientists with experience in new perspectives and new technologies that can be applied in their own institutions. Developed to increase agricultural productivity and trade, this cooperation aims to strengthen agricultural practices.

In order to apply for the program, it is necessary to choose one of two research areas: Biotechnology (Innovative Plant Breeding) or Climate-Sensitive Agriculture.

Bursa eligibility requirements:

  • Being a citizen of Turkey
  • Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking skills in English
  • Master's degree or higher, with at least two years of experience (minimum) after completion of the degree
  • Currently employed by a university, government ministry, research institution or other scientific organization
  • Intention to continue working in Turkey for at least two years after returning from the US
  • Be in the early/mid stage of professional career (2-10 years of experience preferred; candidates with more than 15 years of experience are not competitive; candidates with 20 years or more of experience will not be considered)

Documents required for application:

  • Application form
  • Detailed program proposal and research action plan including answers to all questions in the application
  • Signed confirmation from the applicant's own institution
  • Two letters of recommendation (academic and professional preferred)
  • Copies of diploma(s) for all university degrees obtained
  • Transcripts
  • Copy of passport identification page

The fellowship will last approximately 12 weeks at a university or research institution in the US. Approximately one year after the completion of the US-based portion of the fellowship, the mentor will visit the fellow's institution in Turkey.

The deadline is June 23rd, 2023!

Source: US Embassy in Ankara

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