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What is an EB-1 Green Card Visa?

The EB-1 visa, which is divided into 3 sub-categories, is an employment-based immigrant visa that can be obtained by non-US citizens with exceptional talent, outstanding academic achievement or senior management positions in multinational companies.

EB-1 visa, to apply for PERM (Labor Certificate) and in some cases does not even require a job offer or a sponsor.

Important Information

  • The EB-1 visa is considered a "priority visa" by the US Immigration Service (USCIS). This means that you can immigrate to the US with a considerably shorter waiting period compared to other visa types.
  • There is no need to obtain a Labor Certification (PERM) for the EB-1 visa.
  • After immigrating to the US with an EB-1 visa, it is also possible to obtain American citizenship.
  • EB-1 vizesi ile eşinizi ve 21 yaşının altındaki evlenmemiş çocuklarınızı da, E-14 ve E-15 göçmen statüsü ile Amerika’ya getirebilirsiniz.

Who Can Obtain an EB-1 Visa?

The EB-1 visa, which is an employment-based migrant worker visa, is divided into 3 categories and there are different types of people who can receive each type of visa. 

  • EB-1A Visa: Awarded to people with outstanding talent or great achievements in their field of work.
  • EB-1B Visa: Awarded to individuals who have excelled in academics.
  • EB-1C Visa: Individuals who will work as managers or executives in multinational companies.


Before applying for each type of visa Criteria set by USCIS you need to pass.

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Criteria for Applying for an EB-1 Green Card Visa

While the EB-1 visa stands out as one of the fastest ways to immigrate to the US, the criteria that must be met to apply are highly selective and rigorous.


Here are the requirements for each category set by USCIS for EB-1 visas necessary conditions:

EB-1A Green Card Visa: Green Card for Exceptional Talents

  1. To be recognized nationally or internationally in your field and to achieve success.
  2. High success and prominence in your field of expertise.
  3. Provide comprehensive and detailed documentation highlighting your achievements.

Note Unlike other EB-1 visas EB-1A visa applicant does not need a job offer and can sponsor himself/herself.

2. EB-1B Green Card Visa: Green Card for Outstanding Professors and Researchers

  1. You have been offered a tenure-track or similar position by a US employer.
  2. International recognition in specific academic fields.
  3. Documentation of at least 3 years of experience in your teaching or research field.

3. EB-1C Green Card Visa: Green Card for Executives or Managers of Multinational Corporations

    1. You must have worked as a manager or executive in the parent company's subsidiaries abroad for at least 1 year before applying for the visa.
    2. You plan to come to the US to work in the same position at a US subsidiary or parent company.

    If you think that one of the above visa types is suitable for you EB-1A Visa Guide, EB-1B Visa Guide and EB-1C Visa Guide you can learn more by reading our content or contact an expert migration lawyer By making an appointment with Utku Galip Akçok you can evaluate your situation with us.

    Important Note The EB-1 visa is a specialized visa with complex application requirements and process. Choosing the right visa category will be critical to your success. Before applying, it is very important to review all the details and consult with an expert immigration attorney.

How to Get an EB-1 Green Card?

To obtain an EB-1 Green Card, you must first prepare a detailed dossier to prove to USCIS that you are eligible for your chosen visa category (EB-1A, EB-1B, EB-1C). You can then apply for the EB-1 visa from the US or from the US consulate in your country. 

EB-1 Visa Application Process

Obtaining an EB-1 visa in 2024 can take between 6 months and 1 year, and this process can vary from individual to individual. 

If you want to speed up your application process, I-907 Premimum Processing Form with the USCIS for $2805 Your I-140 Form It is possible to reduce the evaluation process to 15 days.


EB-1A Green Card Visa (Individuals of Extraordinary Ability): For yourself because you do not need a job offer Form I-140(Petition for Foreign Worker) to make an application.


EB-1B Green Card Visa (Outstanding Professors and Researchers): The institution (employer) where you will work in the U.S. must file Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker, on your behalf. As part of the application process, the organization must prove that it can afford to pay your salary. For this purpose, it may submit an annual report, federal income tax return, or audited financial statements.


EB-1C Green Card Visa (Executives or Managers of Multinational Corporations): The organization (employer) for which you will be working in the U.S. must file Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker, on your behalf. As part of the application process, the organization must prove that it can afford to pay your salary. For this purpose, it may submit an annual report, federal income tax return, or audited financial statements.


Note The application process for an EB-1 visa can be complex. It is therefore important to follow each step carefully and seek advice from a lawyer experienced in immigration law.

EB-1 Visa: Tips and Tricks

  • The EB-1 visa is one of the fastest ways to immigrate to the US. However, this visa type is divided into 3 different categories, each of which caters to people with different abilities and achievements. The most important point before applying is to choose the right visa type for you.
  • Since the EB-1 visa is in the "priority visa" category, it is issued much faster than other visa types. However, in return for this advantage, the criteria you need to meet are more detailed and difficult. Therefore, it is critical for the success of your application that you prepare a file that ensures your eligibility for the visa type and includes all documents in a complete and detailed manner.
EB-2 NIW Green Card

Get Your EB-1 Visa with Akcok Law Office

The EB-1 visa is one of the fastest ways to immigrate to the US for people with exceptional talent, academic achievement or executive experience in international companies. Compared to other visa types, the EB-1 visa stands out with its faster results and the possibility of obtaining a Green Card, and offers many more advantages.


In order to obtain an EB-1 visa, you need to choose the right visa type, meet the criteria set by USCIS and prepare a complete dossier. For more information You can contact expert immigration lawyer Utku Galip Akçok.


Expert immigration lawyer Utku Galip Akçok and his team will be with you every step of your EB-1 visa application process, helping you choose the right visa type, prepare a complete application file and ensure that your application goes smoothly.


Important Note This information is for general information purposes. Each case is evaluated differently. It is important for the success of your visa application that you consult a specialized immigration lawyer before applying.

Utku Galip Akçok
Utku Galip Akçok

Attorney Utku Galip Akçok is the founder of ALO. Like you, he came to the US as an immigrant and today is a licensed attorney in California and New York.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use your EB-1 Green Card for a period of 10 years. At the end of this period, you can apply for renewal of your permanent residence Form I-90 (Application for Replacement of Permanent Residence Card) you need to fill it. There is an important advantage here: While other non-immigrant visa types require you to create a new application package and reapply for the visa when it expires, Green Card visas, such as the EB-1 visa type, do not require such a process.

While the forms you will use in your visa application will vary depending on the type of EB-1 visa you are applying for and your location, Form I-140 must be completed and submitted to USCIS by the employer on behalf of a non-U.S. citizen for the EB-1 visa application to begin.

The EB-1 Green Card provides permanent residence in the United States. In other words, with this visa, you can work for any employer in the country, there are no restrictions.

The application processing time for EB-1 visa categories is much faster than other types of work visas. This is because the labor certification process is not required. EB-1A visa applicants in particular can complete the process faster than other subcategories because they do not have to wait for a job offer. 

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