USCIS Announces Report for Fiscal Year 2022: Increase in Many Areas

USCIS continues to work to speed up immigration and visa processing.

USCIS has released a new report with statistics for the year 2022.

According to this report;

  • This year, 9.1 million applications were received,
  • 19,500 employees were hired,
  • A budget of 5.4 billion dollars was allocated, 92% of which was allocated from fees,
  • 967,500 people took the oath of citizenship,
  • 547,000 people were granted permanent residence permits,
  • 44,200 people were interviewed,
  • 2.4 million work permit applications received,
  • The USCIS Call Center received 13.4 million calls,
  • 49 million people were verified as eligible to work in the United States,
  • 2.4 million biometric photos received,
  • 20 million dollars in citizenship and integration grants received,
  • There were 94,700,000 (94.7 million) scans for fraud, public safety and national security cases.

Records in several areas

Approximately 781,000 applications for naturalization(Form N-400) were received. This is the lowest number observed in the last five years.

The number of Foreign Relative Forms (I-130) was the highest in the previous five years. However, 52,800 fewer forms were finalized compared to 2021.

In fiscal year 2022, USCIS received 12,500 applications from employers seeking to bring foreign nationals to the United States. An employer can submit more than one application.

In 2022, over 800,900 applications were received from migrant investors and their families. This is about the same as in 2021, but less than in the previous four fiscal years. The number of completed Immigrant Foreign Investor Form I-526 applications decreased by 61%.

In 2022, around 40,500 refugee applicants from 61 countries were interviewed in person and more than 3600 were interviewed remotely.

Where was there an increase?

  • A total of 9 million applications were received in the 2022 financial year, of which 8.6 million were finalized. This is the highest number recorded since 2018.
  • The number of affirmative asylum applications not in deportation proceedings has set an all-time record. USCIS received 239,000 applications this year, of which approximately 41,100 were finalized. In 2022, the number of Form I-589 applications received quadrupled the previous year.
  • In 2022, 14% fewer applications for permanent residency were received compared to the previous year, but 7% more applications were finalized compared to 2021.
  • The number of Nonimmigrant Worker Forms (I-129) increased by 18% compared to 2021, setting a five-year record, but the number of applications finalized remained almost the same.
  • USCIS finalized 31% more Work Authorization (I-765) applications in fiscal year 2022 than in 2021.
  • The number of parole applications for urgent humanitarian and public interest reasons is over 46,600. This is the highest number recorded in the last 10 years, compared to only 14,400 the previous year.
  • T Visa applications also broke the record of the last five years. A total of 4700 T Visa applications were received, of which 3700 were finalized. There was a 54% increase in the number of finalized applications.
  • U Visa applications are up 35% compared to 2021. In 2021, 36,800 applications were received, while in 2022 the number is close to 50,000. U Visa applications have returned to pre-pandemic numbers.
  • VAWA applications have set a record for the last four years, increasing from 11,700 in the previous year to 32,700 this fiscal year.
  • Applications for temporary protection status have also increased significantly compared to previous years. The number of applications USCIS completed in 2022 increased by 865% compared to 2021. In 2021, the number of completed applications was 22,900, while this year that number is approximately 218,300.
  • The number of applications for extension and change of status form I-539 was also the highest in four years, with a total of 360,000 applications finalized.
  • The number of people applying for a Travel Document (Form I-131), including requests for parole documents, has set a five-year record: 695,800 applications.

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Source: USCIS

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