Republicans in the House of Representatives Call for Mayorkas' Dismissal


Republicans in the US House of Representatives are calling for the dismissal of Homeland Security Minister Alejandro Mayorkas due to a record number of migrants at the Mexican border.

Last Wednesday'simpeachment hearings focused on how the recent actions of the Department of Homeland Security have affected the states. It is rare in the US for a minister to be impeached in this way, but it could have an impact on the presidential elections in 2024.

The migrant crisis is the Biden Administration's Achilles heel.

The November 5, 2024 US Presidential elections continue to set the agenda in the United States. According to polls, citizens' support for Joe Biden is declining, while the Republican wing seeks to turn the migrant crisis into political gains. Last December, there was a record number of migrant encounters at the southern border. In 2023, about 2.5 million migrants were caught trying to cross the border illegally.

The Republican-dominated House Homeland Security Committee said Mayorkas failed to enforce US law at the border and neglected his duty. Mark Green, the Republican chairman of the committee, said the impeachment covers not only criminal behavior but also "incompetent" actions that endangered the American people and betrayed the public trust.

The hearing heard testimony from the attorneys general of Montana, Oklahoma and Missouri, who argued that they have been negatively affected by Mayorkas' policy. "The southern border is already a difficult place to manage, but the Biden Administration and Secretary Mayorkas are pouring gasoline on the fire," said Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson recently led a delegation of Republicans to the border. In Johnson's words, the delegation "had the opportunity to observe first-hand the damage and chaos in the community caused by the disaster at the border".

Mayorkas denied the charges.

On a visit to the region the day before the impeachment hearing, Minister Mayorkas blamed Congress and called for correcting immigration policies. Calling accusations of non-compliance with immigration laws 'far from the truth', the Minister said that Republicans 'engage in baseless political attacks instead of fixing problematic immigration laws'.

Immigration is a major obstacle to Biden's re-election.

According to a CBS poll released this week, 63% of Americans want the Biden administration to tighten border policies, up 8% from September, and 45% say there is now a crisis at the border. On the other hand, Texas Governor Greg Abbott's busing of migrants, especially to Democrat-controlled areas like New York, is causing concern among officials in those areas.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has previously addressed the issue, saying that uncontrolled immigration could 'destroy' the city and predicting an additional cost of $12 billion over the next three years to taxpayers in immigration hotspots.

According to the Democrats, this is a purely political move.

Democratic lawmakers believe the Republican move to impeach Mayorkas is purely political. According to Congressman Dan Goldman, this action is "shameful in terms of the relevant article of the Constitution". Even if Mayorkas is found guilty by the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, it is unlikely that the Democratic-controlled Senate will convict Mayorkas.

Still, if he is removed by the House of Representatives, he would be the first cabinet official to go through this process in nearly 150 years. The last time the House impeached a Cabinet official was in 1876, during the administration of President Ulysses Grant. William Belknap, then Secretary of War, was implicated in a bribery investigation. Belknap resigned from his post following this incident.

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