Texas to Build a New Base Near the Mexican Border

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the construction of a base near the Eagle Pass border in Texas to house up to 1,800 National Guardsmen.

The base will be approximately 323,000 square meters in size.

Eagle Pass is at the center of the immigration debate.

Texas Governor Abbott is known to have clashed with President Biden and the administration over border security policies.

Abbott made the following statements in a statement regarding the area to be built near the Eagle Pass region, which is at the center of the immigration debate: "We will build a new Military Department camp to increase border security operations in this area. Until now, the National Guard has served in cramped quarters and dispersed. They sometimes had to travel long distances to do their jobs. This camp will greatly improve conditions for our soldiers. Without the courage of the Texas National Guard, we would not have been able to respond to the border crisis caused by Biden. We will build this base camp for them."

Construction costs will be kept to a minimum.

Abbott stated that the construction cost of the base will be kept 'at a minimum'. In addition, the Governor stated that the National Guardsmen serving near the border within the scope of 'Operation Lone Star' will now stay in these bases instead of staying in hotels, underlining that this will save money.

No information was given at the press conference on how much the construction of the facility will cost in total.

According to a statement released by Abbott's office, the facility will include a mess hall, entertainment and recreation centers, washing machines, separate rooms for soldiers and medical facilities.

The test of the Biden administration's border and immigration policies continues. The debate about the barbed wire on the Texas border is likely to occupy the agenda for a while. You can follow us to keep your finger on the pulse of immigration news from the US.

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