Border and migration policies are pitting Democrats against each other: What's Happened So Far?

One of the main issues that will influence the outcome of the Presidential elections in November is immigration policy. It is widely believed that the Biden Administration has not been successful in this area. At the moment, the advantage seems to be on the side of the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Especially in places like Arizona, where the race is tight, people say they will vote for the Republican candidate, citing Biden's immigration policies.

Democrats Propose Solutions for Migration Policy

One of the Democratic proposals in this area was a bipartisan bill to regulate border policies. The Republicans had conditioned the acceptance of the aid package for Ukraine and Israel on the inclusion of a clause on border security. So this bill was actually tailor-made to please the Republicans in the Senate.

Republicans Rejected a Bill in February

It would speed up the asylum process and expand the President's powers to limit migrant crossings at the Mexican border. Donald Trump opposed the bill even before it was introduced, saying that its passage would be a gift to the Democrats.

The bill failed to pass the Senate once again last week. Republican senators called the bill introduced in the Senate a "political game".

Some members of the Democratic coalition say that the Democratic wing needs to emphasize pro-immigrant policies to create a clear contrast with the Republicans. These groups, particularly immigrant advocacy groups, have long advocated for making it easier for people living in the US to obtain work permits.

On the other hand, some Democrats are openly calling for tougher border policies. They argue that border-related charges should be directed at Republicans.

Both sides of this disagreement say their aim is to win Biden over

California Representative Robert Garcia, a member of Biden's campaign's national advisory board, said he was "aware of the frustration of immigration advocacy groups, but Trump is still the worst possible option."

Border security was among Trump's campaign promises;

  • Ideological screening,
  • Expanding the ban on travel from Muslim-majority countries,
  • Ending birthright citizenship for children of undocumented migrants,
  • Launching the largest deportation operation in American history

is taking place.

Many legal experts argue that these promises are unconstitutional and cannot be implemented.

Trump often emphasizes crimes committed by migrants and claims that migrants are causing a crime wave.

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