Are Democrats Changing Their Minds on Border Policy?

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The divisions among the Democrats are becoming clearer.

The footsteps of change began to be heard in May last year.

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada had asked for an extension of Title 42, the law that allows asylum seekers to be turned back at the Mexican border.

Although both names opposed this legal regulation in 2020, they stated that they had changed their minds in the intervening 3 years and that Biden was unprepared for a possible migrant influx at the border.

Spokespersons for Rosen and Brown said both senators support bipartisan reforms to secure the border and reform the immigration system.

Montana's Democratic Senator Jon Tester also supported this bill. Tester, who has long opposed the border wall project, now openly opposes Biden's border policies.

The draft law does not mention naturalization.

This has led some Democrats to criticize the bill. Colin Allred, who is running against Republican Senator Ted Cruz in Texas, has previously stated that "comprehensive reform must include a path to citizenship". Allred also called Trump's border wall project "racist", "ineffective" anda"failed policy".

In 2023, Allred welcomed the Biden Administration's border wall project: "This is a necessary step for the overburdened Texas border to cope with the current wave of migrants".

Democrats have adopted more uncompromising policies on immigration, especially as the election race heats up. But they continue to work for more comprehensive solutions, including reforms such as a pathway to citizenship.

Source: CNN

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