Biden Blocked Illegal Immigrants: What Now?

Biden's New Executive Order and Change in Border Policies

President Biden signed a controversial executive order this week that severely restricts illegal immigrants from entering the United States. With this decision, Biden made a radical change in border policies that greatly reduced his chances in the November elections.

New Restrictions on Migrants at the Mexican Border

  • The decision allows for the deportation of migrants who cross the border with Mexico illegally, without giving them a chance to seek asylum. The ban will take effect if the weekly average of migrant arrests exceeds 2,500.
  • According to the latest statistics, the daily average of apprehensions at the border in April was 4300. So this restriction will be put into effect immediately.
  • The ban will remain in place until the daily average drops below 1500.
  • If the average exceeds 2500 again, the restriction will be reinstated for two weeks.

Biden's Decision and Trump-Era Practices Strikingly Similar

The New York Times emphasized that this is "the most restrictive action taken by a modern Democrat". A similar measure put forward by former President Donald Trump was tied up in a federal court.

In his statement, Biden reminded that the Republicans did not accept the border security bill and stated that he had to make this move: "We need to face a simple truth. If we want to make America open to immigrants, we must first secure our borders. We must do it now." While opponents of the order say it is insufficient, immigrant rights advocates say it jeopardizes people's safety and makes the border even more unsafe.

Reaction from the United Nations

In the statement made by the UN on the subject, the following statements were made: "The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) notes with deep concern the measures announced today by the United States. Thenew measures will deny access to asylum to many people in need of international protection. (...) We call on the United States to uphold its international obligations and urge the government to reconsider restrictions that undermine the right to asylum."

Can this order be blocked by the court?

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced that it will appeal the decision. "This executive order is reminiscent of bans imposed by the Trump administration. The ACLU previously won its fight against a similar order Trump tried to impose. We intend to challenge this order in court. This order was not legal when it came from Trump, and it is not legal now."

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