'Barbed Wire' Tension Continues Between Biden Administration and Texas

barbed wire

The conflict between the Biden administration and Texas Governor Abbott over border policy continues. The government recently asked the Supreme Court to allow the Border Patrol to remove barbed wire from the border.

What happened?

Over the past three years, the Texas Military Department has spent 11 million dollars on barbed (concertina) wire at various locations along the Mexican border. Among the areas where barbed wire has been installed is Eagle Pass, where migrants have been seriously injured while trying to cross the border.

According to the state of Texas, the strategically placed barbed wire was intended to secure the border and stop the flow of illegal immigrants. Texas Governor Greg Abbott had ordered the erection of these fences on the Texas border as part of Operation Lone Star.

The dispute between the State of Texas and the government over this barbed wire has grown. CBP (Customs and Border Protection) officials of the federal government allegedly cut and removed barbed wire along the Texas border. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the government, claiming that this practice led to the destruction of state property and weakened security.

District Judge Alia Moses, sitting in Del Rio, wrote in the text of her ruling that 'Texas has not presented sufficient evidence to support its claim that the law was broken when the barbed wire was removed'.

Paxton appealed Moses' decision the next day. The following week, a federal appeals court ordered the Border Patrol to stop cutting the fence while court proceedings were pending. The Justice Department then moved to ask the Supreme Court to overturn that decision. "Federal law authorizes Border Patrol agents to access private land within 40 kilometers of national borders," the Justice Department said in its petition to the Supreme Court.

The Biden administration cited medical aid and security concerns.

In the petition;

  • Barbed wire has a negative impact on the mobility of health and security organizations,
  • The fences make it difficult to provide medical assistance to migrants,
  • The fences make it more difficult to catch migrants who have crossed into American territory


The Ministry also emphasized that Border Patrol officers work under difficult conditions and sometimes have to make split-second decisions. In the text of the petition, it was claimed that the patrol officers' freedom of movement is restricted due to the barbed wire and that the discretion of the officers is limited.

The test of the Biden administration's border and immigration policies continues. The debate about the barbed wire on the Texas border is likely to occupy the agenda for a while. You can follow us to keep your finger on the pulse of immigration news from the US.

Source: Supreme Court, CNN

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