Poll: American Public Believes Trump Will Do Better Than Biden on Economy

The American people believe that Donald Trump will do a better job of managing the economy than Joe Biden.

One of the polls conducted ahead of the Presidential elections in November revealed that Biden is struggling to convince voters about his handling of the economy.

According to a poll conducted by the Financial Times in collaboration with Michigan's Ross School of Business, 42 percent of American voters believe that the Trump administration is the best choice to organize the economy. Meanwhile, 31 percent of the respondents believe that Biden is the best person to take on this task.

21 percent of the respondents do not trust both names.

'An old man with a poor memory'

The competence of the Biden administration, whose reputation has been damaged and frequently criticized in discussions on border security, is often questioned.

In 2022, it was revealed that Biden was hiding national security documents in Delaware and in his private office in Washington D.C. In the report prepared by the Justice Department on the subject, Biden was referred to as 'an old man with a weak memory' and it was claimed that the President was not careful about hiding these documents because of his poor memory.

In a statement to CBS, Biden's lawyer Bob Bauer reacted to the statements in the report, commenting that the report was "an overreaching, sloppy study".

Biden is not convincing voters on the economy.

Trump's lead over Biden in the polls comes at a time when voters have seen slight improvements in their economic situation and their views on the economy. This has raised new questions about whether falling inflation and rising growth rates have increased Biden's chances of re-election.

Erik Gordon, a professor at the Ross School of Business, emphasized that Biden has failed to convince people about his management of the economy, noting that one in three voters surveyed "believe that great damage has been done to the economy.

Voters think economic conditions have improved.

When asked about the state of the economy, 46 percent of the voters surveyed said they were able to 'live comfortably' and 'afford some expenses'. This rate was 43 percent in the polls conducted in November 2023.

In addition, 27 percent of respondents said economic conditions in the United States were 'excellent' or 'good', up from 21 percent in November.

However, when asked about Biden's handling of the economy, only 36 percent of the same voters respond favorably. This rate has not changed since November 2023.

According to the poll, partisanship and polarization among voters are also increasing. Only 5 percent of Republican voters approve of Biden's handling of the economy, compared to 71 percent among Democratic voters.

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