Becoming an American citizen is the dream of many immigrants living in the US. But how long does this process take?

Immigrants living in the United States may be eligible to become American Citizens if they meet certain requirements . You can take the free test on our website to find out if you are eligible to become an American Citizen.

Step 1 Applying with N-400 Form

    The application for American Citizenship is made with the N-400 Form. This form can be filled out online at or it is also possible to apply physically. It takes 10 to 15 months as of July 2023 for the N-400 Form to be evaluated by USCIS.

    Step 2 Fingerprint Appointment

    While your application is under consideration, USCIS may send you a notice for a fingerprinting appointment.

    Step 3 Interview and Citizenship Test

    To complete the citizenship application, it is necessary to attend an interview organized by USCIS.

    Step 4 N-400 Application Result

    The finalization of applications can vary. While the result of a positive application may be known at the interview, some applications may take several months to be finalized.

    Step 5 Pledge of Allegiance

    The final step to becoming an American Citizen is to take an oath of allegiance to the United States. Unless the Oath of Allegiance is taken at the swearing-in ceremony, American Citizenship cannot be acquired. In some cases, the swearing-in ceremony can be held on the same day as the interview. If a suitable oath ceremony is not available on the same day, USCIS will notify you separately of the time and place of the ceremony. This can take several extra months.

    Considering the entire application and evaluation process, it may be necessary to wait 1.5 to 2 years for American Citizenship. You can contact us to avoid wasting more time in this process.

    Source: USCIS

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