Jobs you can do in America without knowing English

A non-English speaker in America

The US does not have an official language, as defined by law, but 70 percent of the country's citizens believe that the main requirement to be an American is to be able to speak English.

Based on this assumption, you may think that learning English is the key to building a life in America. However, it is possible to work in America without learning English. 

After reading today's content, you will know what jobs you can do in America without knowing English and how to find them. 

Here are some jobs you can do in America without knowing English. Happy reading!

Note This information is general. Each job may have its own terms and requirements. It is important to carefully examine the employer's requirements before applying for a job.

Many language-free jobs in America

Jobs you can do in the US without knowing English

1. Customer Service

A customer service specialist is a person who acts as a link between a company and its customers. They provide information about products, services, special offers and help people in need. Most companies have a dedicated department for this. So you can find alternatives to this job in various sectors and you can offer your services using your mother tongue.

2. Operator

An operator is a worker who works in jobs that require physical strength. Often factories and construction sites provide labor employment to those who want to become operators. Operators manage and control the operation of various tools, move products, load materials and maintain the hygiene of equipment, among other jobs.

3. Kitchen Worker

The biggest advantage of this type of job is that you don't need a high level of English, making it one of the easiest jobs to apply for if you come to the US without knowing the language. This allows you to work in hotels, restaurants and various events.

4. Courier

Courier work is one of the most logical jobs for those who want to make a living in the US without knowing the language. You don't need to speak English to deliver packages between various addresses on time. You can do this work with different vehicles such as cars, trucks or bicycles.

5. Driver

Car driving, like courier work, is a job you can do even if you don't speak English. With transportation apps such as Uber becoming more and more popular in recent years, employment opportunities in this line of work have also increased. You need a driver's license or IDP to work as a driver in the US. You should also keep in mind that each state has different regulations on this subject.

6. Cleaning Sector

The cleaning industry is one of the most in-demand jobs in America. The people who do this job need to be organized and clean, and keep their places clean. It also stands out as a relatively comfortable job that does not require you to speak the language.

7. Waiter/Bartender

If you work as a waiter or barista in the US, you may find work in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships or anywhere food is sold. However, if you intend to do this job, you may need to speak at least a basic level of English to understand the names of the food and drinks on the menu.

8. 'Housekeeping'

Housekeeping ('room service') takes care of the cleaning, security and maintenance of customers staying in a place. They check and organize the rooms every day and carry out cleaning activities. You can do this job if you know enough English to communicate with guests at a basic level.

9. Reception

Even when you work at the reception desk of a guest accommodation, you need some knowledge of English to communicate with guests at a minimum. You don't need to be fluent in English to greet and register incoming customers. You can also do this job for various sectors and companies.

10. Factory Worker

Workers on production lines in factories often undertake simple and repetitive tasks. These tasks do not require a high level of English. You can work in areas such as machine operation, product assembly and packaging.

11. Warehouse Clerk

Workers in warehouses who organize the reception, storage and shipment of products can also work without knowing English. You may be required to do tasks such as moving products, stacking shelves and preparing orders.

12. Agricultural Worker

People who work in agricultural activities such as harvesting, pruning and fertilizing can also find jobs they can do without knowing English. These jobs are often seasonal and require working outdoors.

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How to Find a Job in America without Speaking English?

The easiest way to find a job in the US without speaking English is to contact Turkish or expat businesses in your neighborhood. 

For example, if there is a Turkish restaurant in your neighborhood, you are very likely to find a job as a dishwasher or cook. 

If there are no immigrant businesses in your area or if you are outside the US, you can try to find a suitable opportunity by following job postings on social media groups. 

In addition, some agencies and companies regularly recruit staff from outside the country. By following these opportunities, you can find a position in the US where you can work without speaking English. 

If you want to learn more about finding a job in America, you can read our article Finding and Working in America

Learning a Language While Working in America

While it is possible to work in the US without knowing the language, it often requires working in unskilled, low-paid jobs. 

In addition, not speaking English will make life in America very difficult. So, if you are determined to work and live in America, you can take free or low-cost language courses, use online language learning platforms or apply for language exchange programs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Finding a Job in America Without Speaking a Language

Can I work legally in the US if I don't speak English?

You can work legally in the US provided you obtain a work visa. Some jobs may not require knowledge of English. However, if you have the opportunity, improving your English will make your job search easier.

Will I earn less in the US if I don't speak English?

Although you may earn less than other workers, the US has minimum wage laws that apply to all employees. However, some employers may try to illegally take advantage of non-English speaking employees. In such cases, it is your right to seek legal assistance.

Are there jobs in the US where I can learn English on the job?

Yes, you can learn English on the job, especially in environments where you may work with other migrants (such as restaurants, construction). Also, some companies may offer English language training for their foreign employees. 

Is it necessary to speak a language to go to America?

It is not a legal requirement to speak English to travel to America. 

Can you get a US visa without knowing the language?

Yes, in some cases it is possible to obtain a visa without knowing the language. For example, a language test may not be required for visa types such as family reunification visa, business visa or investor visa. However, not knowing the language may be a disadvantage in the evaluation of your visa application.

What do Turks living in the US do?

Turks living in the US work in many different sectors. Among the most common business lines are:
Service sector (restaurant, hotel, cleaning)
Construction sector
Medical and health sector
Education sector
Trade and entrepreneurship

What is the salary of a waiter in America?

Waiter salaries in America vary depending on where you work, your experience and tips. On average, waiters earn between 15-25 dollars per hour.

Can you go abroad without knowing the language?

Yes, it is possible to travel abroad without knowing the language. However, not knowing the language can make your trip more difficult. 

Where are there the most Turks in the US?

The largest number of Turks in the USA lives in New York City. The states with the highest number of Turks are New York, California, New Jersey, Florida, Texas and Illinois.

Where is the Turkish neighborhood in America?

There are several areas in the US known as "Turkish neighborhoods". The best known are Paterson, Cliffside Park, Sunnyside and Sheepshead. 

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