As a Green Card holder, you can apply for US citizenship after residing in the US for 5 years (3 years if you received a Green Card by marrying your US citizen spouse). You can learn everything about the application process with ALO and applying for American citizenship by reviewing our guide below.

A View from Above:

What kind of support do we provide?

1. Collection of Required Documents: We will list the documents you need to collect for your application and help you find out where you can collect them.


2. Application Forms: We fill in the application forms on your behalf. The forms are checked several times by our team before they are sent. In this way, we minimize the risk of your application being delayed due to missing documents.


3. Strong Application Package: By creating a strong application package, we increase the likelihood that your application will be approved. 


4. Preparation for Interviews: We help you prepare for the interview and exam, a critical step in the American citizenship application process. We provide you with a list of sample questions that may appear in the interview and exam and a list of documents you should bring with you. Attorney Utku Galip Akçok will interview with you at USCIS offices in the Bay Area (San Francisco and Santa Clara), but if you are outside the Bay Area, he will attend your interview by phone. (There is an additional $1000 fee for Attorney Utku Galip Akçok to physically attend interviews outside the Bay Area.)


5. Application Tracking: All letters from USCIS regarding your application are sent to us as well as to you. Thus, we will be following your application with you.


6. Translation Support: Some of the documents required for the application process need to be translated into English. Our translators working in our office will translate your documents into English and help you save on translation costs.


7. Following Current Laws and Procedures: Immigration laws and procedures are evolving all the time. We keep abreast of the latest changes and ensure that your application complies with the most up-to-date immigration policies and regulations.


8. Appealing Application Rejection: In the event of an application rejection, we can provide legal advice and representation for appeals or re-applications. Appeals and re-applications are subject to an additional fee.


9. USCIS Request for Additional Documentation: After USCIS receives your application, USCIS may request additional evidence. We also receive a notification letter of this request, so there is no risk of missing the requests that will come on your behalf. In this step, we prioritize the request for additional evidence to finalize your citizenship application as soon as possible.

Before Applying for American Citizenship

1. You answer our questions online:

When you contact us, we will first send you an eligibility test. This test includes questions such as "How did you get your Green Card?", "How long has it been since you got your Green Card?", "Where will you apply?" or "Do you have a criminal record?".

Based on your answers to the questions in the test, we look for potential problems and if there is something we need to look into, we ask you to make an appointment with us first.

At this appointment, we will inform you about your situation and the roadmap that can be followed. 

2nd Contract Signing

If we decide to submit your application after this appointment, or if we can see from the test you have completed that you have no special circumstances, we will send you a contract by e-mail.

In order for us to be able to represent you, we guarantee in this contract the services we will provide to you and the fee we will receive for our services. Once agreed, we will sign the contract electronically and upon receipt of the first installment of payment, we will be officially representing you until your citizenship application is finalized .

We prefer to stay in constant contact by setting up a WhatsApp group during the application period. For this reason, we contact you via the WhatsApp group we will establish immediately after the contract. 

3. We Collect Your Personal Information:

Following the contract, we will send you an online form asking you to answer very simple questions in Turkish (or English if you prefer), which will allow us to effortlessly collect the personal information required for your application. Thanks to our technological infrastructure and user-friendly interface, you only need to spend about two hours filling out the form, which normally takes days.

Even if you give incorrect answers, we check your answers 5 times in 5 different stages and do not send your application anywhere until all the information is confirmed. In case of missing information, we contact you via WhatsApp group and send you the missing question list and we do not leave any room for error by going over all the missing information one by one.

4. We List the Documents You Need to Collect to Apply for American Citizenship:

We will send you a list of all the documents required for your application via an agreed communication method (WhatsApp, e-mail, etc.). We will then provide you with a Google Drive link to transfer the documents you have collected.  

In this way, you will deliver us exactly which documents you need and you will not waste time collecting unnecessary documents. We also provide support on where you need to collect the documents.

We then check the documents you have sent us one by one. We go over the forms you have approved one more time and send them to you for the last time before you apply, along with a guide showing where you need to sign.

Finally, we ask you to take a clear photo of the pages you have signed, either as a scan or with a smartphone camera, and send it to us.

5. We prepare your American Citizenship Application Forms:

While you collect your documents, we meticulously fill in the application forms based on the answers we receive from you. We then send these forms to you for your review. If there is something you do not understand, we contact you and go over the questions and answers.

6. Applying for American Citizenship:

Once we are sure that we can apply, we will prepare your package according to the official instructions and send it to USCIS via FEDEX and share the tracking number with you. We will also deliver the same package to you as we sent it.

When applying, a naturalization application fee must also be paid. This fee is separate from our attorney's fee and is paid by you, as stated in the contract. We can offer you two ways to pay this fee:

  • We write a check to USCIS for the application fee and we pay it and then you pay it to us.
  • You fill in the G-1450 form with your card details, sign it, take a photo and send it to us. Thus, you have the opportunity to pay the application fee with your credit card.

American Citizenship Application Process

1. Green Card Application Reaches USCIS:

When your application is received by USCIS for consideration, USCIS sends a letter (Notice of Action) to both you and us. 

These letters are a confirmation that the documents and forms we have sent have been received and that the required fee has been paid in full. This means that you do not need to do anything at this stage as the letters are for information purposes only.

2. Biometric Appointment:

Appointment Date: Approximately 1-3 months after you apply.

After you apply, USCIS will call you for a biometric appointment to take your fingerprints and signature and take your photo. If you have already been biometrically enrolled, you may not be called for a biometric appointment. The date and location information is included in the letter sent by USCIS to you and to us.

Don't worry, we will inform you about what you need to do at this stage. Just show up at the place and date you have been told, with your appointment letter and your passport or driver's license.

NOTE: On page 3 of the biometric appointment letter, there are questions about your physical characteristics. For example, your middle name if you have one, your country of birth, your race, your eye color, your height... You can fill in these questions before you go to the appointment or you can fill them in when you go to the appointment. When you are done, your appointment paper is stamped and returned to you.

3. Interview Letter Incoming:

Delivery Time: Approximately 6 to 14 months after you apply.

The interview and the test take place on the same day, approximately 6-14 months after you submit your citizenship application. Keep in mind, however, that this timeframe is very variable. USCIS will notify you of the date and location of the interview.

Once you receive this letter, we will create a list of documents to take to the appointment and send it to you. Your documents are not copies, original version is very important. For example, a copy of the marriage certificate is provided with the application, but you must bring the original to the interview.

4. Preparation for the American Citizenship Interview and Exam:

First of all, we send you a list of sample questions so that you can study the questions that may be asked in your interview and exam in advance. 

Then, we prepare you for the interview and exam by making a video call 1 week before the interview date. Of course, we expect you to have studied the questions we send you beforehand. 

5. American Citizenship Test and Interview:

Interview Time: Approximately 6 to 14 months after you apply.

Attorney Utku Galip Akçok, Located in the Bay Area (San Francisco and Santa Clara) He comes with you to the interview at the USCIS offices. But If you are outside the Bay Area (Attorney Utku Galip Akçok's physical attendance at interviews outside the Bay Area is subject to an additional fee of $1000).

There is no difference between participating by phone and physically participating, but some of our clients prefer physical participation.

We recommend that you go to the interview location at least 1 hour in advance because there may be a line at the entrance or inside the building. 

During the interview, your identity as an applicant is first checked and questions about your life are asked.

After the interview, you will take a two-stage test. The first stage tests your knowledge of American history and government. The questions to be asked in the exam are selected from a pool of 100 questions, so it is enough to study and memorize all of these questions.

In the second stage, your English language skills are assessed in the categories of reading, writing and speaking. You will then be informed about your interview and test result by USCIS.


6. Oath of Allegiance Ceremony:

If your interview and test were successful and your application has been approved, you will proceed to the next step, the Oath of Allegiance Ceremony. You cannot become an American citizen until you complete this step.

At the ceremony, you swear an oath of allegiance to the United States and its constitution, and after the ceremony is over, you will receive your Certificate of Naturalization.

You are now American citizens, congratulations!

Guide to American Citizenship

What are the requirements to apply for American citizenship?

In order to apply for citizenship through naturalization, you must meet all of the following requirements:

What are the documents required to apply for American citizenship?

You can find the documents that must be submitted with the N-400 form when applying for citizenship on the USCIS website


How long does it take to apply for American citizenship?

The time it takes to process your US citizenship application depends on many factors, such as the processing speed of the USCIS office where you are located. You can check the average citizenship application processing time of the USCIS office processing your application at Once on the link, all you need to do is select the N-400 form and the USCIS office that will handle your application.


What is the American citizenship application fee?

As of 2023, the total fee to apply for American citizenship is $725 ($640 form fee + $85 biometric service). You may also be able to request an exemption or discount from the application fees. 

Fee Exemption

  • There is no form or biometric fee for those serving in the US military.
  • If you are 75 years or older, you are exempt from the $85 biometric fee.
  • If you cannot afford the total fee of $725, you must fill out an I-912 form with proof of your inability to pay. You must also submit this form with your naturalization application, Form N-400. You can find examples of documents to prove your inability to pay in the instructions for the I-912 form.
  • If you do not meet the requirements for fee exemption, i.e. your income is more than 150% but less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines, you can request a fee reduction. To do so, you must submit the I-942 form together with documents to prove your income.You can find the documents you need to submit for the application in the instructions for the I-942 form . 

Can the test be waived when applying for American citizenship?

In some cases, it is possible to be partially or completely exempted from the two-stage exam on the day of the interview:


Exempt PersonsExemption from English TestExemption from Citizenship Test
Persons over 50 years of age, who have lived in the U.S. as a Green Card holder for at least 20 yearsYesYou cannot be exempt but you can take the test in your own language
Persons over 55 years of age, who have lived in the United States as a Green Card holder for at least 15 yearsYesYou cannot be exempt but you can take the test in your own language
65 years of age or older, who have lived in the U.S. as a Green Card holder for at least 20 yearsYesYou cannot be exempt, but you can take the "facilitated" test in your own language (questions are selected and asked from the 20 questions marked with "*" in the question pool, you only need to study these questions)
Green Card holders with a medical disability (the disability must last for at least 12 months)Yes (if your request for exemption has been approved)Yes (if your request for exemption has been approved)


What are the rights and responsibilities of being an American citizen?

Rights that come with being an American Citizen

Responsibilities of Being an American Citizen

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying with ALO

You can call us right now, send us a WhatsApp message or start answering the questions in the link below. The first step after reaching ALO is to measure your eligibility for American citizenship based on your answers to the questions in the link. Thus, if you are not yet eligible to apply for American citizenship, we will indicate this or if you have a special situation, we will draw a road map accordingly. 

The contract with ALO is a document signed for ALO to represent you. In this contract, the service ALO will provide to you and the fee you will pay for the service are secured in this contract with all its clarity.

It is sufficient to sign the contract electronically via the link we send you.

During your application process, you can stay in touch with Attorney Utku Galip Akçok by calling him or sending him a message through the group we will set up on WhatsApp.

During your application process, you can stay in touch with our team by calling or sending a message through the group we will set up on WhatsApp.

We have never experienced this, but in such a case we undertake to reimburse you the amount you would have paid to USCIS.

Unfortunately no, once you have paid the application fee, it is not possible to get it back.

With your answers to these questions, our team fills out all the forms required for the citizenship application on your behalf.


If you have any questions you cannot answer, you can always get support by calling or reaching ALO via WhatsApp.

You are not asked to send the original versions of the documents requested when you apply, so you can take photos or scan them and send them to us via a medium of your choice (e-mail, WhatsApp, Google Drive). You should keep the original versions because you will need to take them with you for the USCIS officer to review later during the interview stage.

We send you the forms we fill out on your behalf over the internet, and you print and sign these forms. Afterwards, you can take photos or scan these signed documents and send them to us via e-mail or Whatsapp.


You send us your photo digitally in accordance with the photo guidelines, we print it out and add it to your application package

Yes, the information letters you receive are also sent to us.

There can be no guarantees for the outcome of the citizenship application because, although the chances of a satisfactory application package are increased by putting together a satisfactory application package, at the end of the day, the discretion lies with the USCIS officer. Since we cannot assure you of the outcome of your citizenship application, it is not possible for you to recover the attorney's fee you paid to us.

Applying for American Citizenship

According to the US government, your place of residence is, in simple terms, the place where you live your life. That is, where you make your home, where you work, where you have ties, where you spend most of your time, and generally where you live your life.

Your residency must be uninterrupted, and uninterrupted does not mean physically present all the time, it means that your residency status continues in the abstract. However, physical presence is not required to be continuous because it is based on the sum of the periods you have been in the US. In other words, according to the physical presence requirement, the sum of the periods you have been in the US must exceed 30 months (2.5 years).

For example, if you travel to Turkey for 4.5 months, your residence in the US will continue, but the physical presence requirement will not be met during this period. On your return from Turkey, the period from the time you enter the US until your next trip counts as physical time spent in the US.

You have the chance to retake the part or the whole exam that you failed. However, you will only get a second chance, failing the second exam will result in your application being rejected. The second exam takes place within 60 to 90 days after the first exam.

Yes, you can apply, there is no limit, but you have to pay an application fee each time.

To apply for citizenship, you must have a valid, unexpired Green Card. Once you have applied for a Green Card renewal, you can start your citizenship application before your new Green Card arrives. To do this, you must provide proof that you applied for a Green Card renewal with the I-90 form. As proof, you can submit a notification from USCIS that it has received your I-90 application.

If the applicant has a physical, developmental or intellectual disability, they may be exempted from both tests. The exemption can be applied for using the N-648 form. This form is filled out by a doctor.

You do not have to have a lawyer to apply for citizenship. A person who wishes to apply for citizenship in the United States can apply individually. However, if the naturalization process is complex or involves special circumstances that are unique to the individual, it may be helpful to seek legal advice from a lawyer.

A lawyer can help you better understand the application process and organize the necessary documents. It can also help you to better prepare your application for potential problems. 

You must bring to the interview the originals of the official documents such as birth, marriage, divorce certificates, etc. that you sent with the N-400 form when you applied. (When applying with the N-400 form, you send certified copies of these documents with the form).

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